The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook and Cooking through My Grief

Taking it one recipe at a time. 2013 will be mainly focused on "The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook," by Dinah Bucholz, and how doing what I love, cooking, being with my family and reading Harry Potter will help me process my grief associated with loosing my 3 week old daughter, Ruby, on November 18th, 2011.
Join me for a "culinary magical masterpiece" throughout 2013!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Diet Day #6

Today I realized that I am strong and in control (except for when it comes to denying DQ's Georgia Mud Fudge shake.) I went to Walgreens to fill up a prescription for my daughter. I was strong and resisted walking down the food isles, as I knew I would be tempted to buy me some sort of a snack! I was so proud of myself.
The not so great thing about dieting today started with the snow falling. Dairy Queen has a special on day's that snow falls. If you purchase one blizzard you get one free. And since my husband was craving a blizzard, I couldn't resist the FREE Georgia Mud Fudge (it really is an amazing shake!) I guess I can say that I gave in because it is family night, and what would family night be like without an amazing treat at the end!!!!!
I'll do better tomorrow!

Sick Baby

My baby has had a fever since Saturday morning. Yesterday it got up to 104.1 degree's. It is breaking my heart because all I can do is give her Ibprofine and Tylenol. It is hard to have a sick baby. I really can't get anything accomplished. Its hard to put my agenda aside and just hold and rock my baby all day to comfort her. (of course at the same time, nothing is as important to me at that moments as rocking her and taking care of her needs!) I wish my Mom lived closer to me. It would be so nice to be able to have her come over and help me know what to do. My Mom is so nurturing and I get so much strength from her, especially when I don't know what I am doing. She is so reassuring that I am doing a great job, and to just keep on learning what it takes to be a Mother.
What are my readers techniques of getting through the day with a sick baby? What are things that you found beneficial to their recovery?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Diet day 5

Weigh in was this morning. I lost a whole pound! I couldn't help but think "Are you Serious?" Why only one pound? I remember being very hungry and working out a lot more than I have in the past. Oh well, I have to be glad that I went down a pound instead of went up a pound.
I went to the store last night and purchased a freezer and fridge full of fruits and vegetables to snack on. I am hoping that this will help.

I also learned two new things this week:
1-Chew on Sugar free gum right after eating or when you start to feel hungry. There was research done where they found that people who did this lost more weight than those who did not.
2-Also, I have heard through the grapevine and also read in the Parenting magazine that Vitamin D is also helpful during weight loss and also in general throughout the winter time. They said that everyone should take 1000 mg each day. I think I will try it out and see if it works!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Poop in the Tub again...erk!

So, my baby LOVES pooping in the tub! It happens constantly! So, I decided to stop bathing her in the morning. I figured if I wait through out the day, let her fill her diaper and then put her in the tub I would be safe. So...that what I did. She filled her diaper, so I filled up the tub. After I had washed her hair and body...what happens!? The biggest under water bubble I have ever heard, she laughs and poop is everywhere. So, once again I have to quickly pull her out, take her to my shower, rewash her, hand her over to her Daddy, and go scoop poop out of the tub and then bleach everything, again, for the umpteenth time.
So whats the trick? How do you put an end to the tub pooping? Or, is it something I have to deal with? I don't ever want to bleach out the bathroom again! Help me!?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Diet Day 2

So...I slept in this morning (I didn't sleep well last night)...and then the dish washer didn't cleanse the dishes as well as I would have hoped, so the slim fast shake was not eaten for breakfast this morning. Yes...I was being lazy but I absolutely do not like cleaning out the blender by hand! So, I had a fiber one pop tart instead which was packed with fiber and calories. The morning diet did not start out so well.
Then it was lunch time...and the slim fast meal bar was not sounding good at all!! So, I found some leftover soup in the fridge, just enough for one and thoroughly enjoyed it!
The good news would be that I went to the gym and tried out a class I have never tried before. It was called "Pi-oga," and it was awesome! I loved it! I think I will be really sore tomorrow but that is ok. At least I did something good for me today!

Tip: My mother-in-law introduced me to this site:
It is a free program that tracks what you ate, how many calories you should be eating a day, and how much water intake you have had. Really, go check it out! Its awesome!

Anniversary Suprise!

My Husband came home from work the other day (Jan. 19) with a dozen of beautiful, purple Rose's! The second I saw them I remembered it was three years ago that day when I said "Yes" to marrying him. It had totally slipped from my mind! He got down on his knee and asked if I would marry him again...and I actually started to cry (something that I forgot to do when he proposed to me...oops). So, just for memories sake I have to share how he did propose to me.
He set up a tea party at a close friends of mine. We were to have tea with her two young girls! (I love tea parties!) So, we got there and my friend had the miniature table set up with white paper and croyons to draw with, valentine candy and decorations. A Huge stuffed animal next to where I sat and little animals around the table, and of course Disney's princess songs playing as the back ground music! My soon to be fiance and I were flirting with each other writing cute little notes to each other, when Pepper stood up to hand each of us a surprise. In her brown paper sack she pulled out a kit kat for her sister. Then a York peppermint patty for my Man, and when it was my turn I closed my eye's and held out my hands, when I was told to open them I had a black box with a BEAUTIFUL ring inside it, sitting in my hands! I was shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He told me the ring wouldn't be available for a few weeks! He asked me if I would marry him and all I could say was "Are you Serious?" And nod my head yes. I was definitely in shock! We hugged and kissed, and then stood up and danced to Disney's Princess song "Kiss the Girl." This was one of the most perfect nights of my life! Thanks for pulling it off babe! And thank-you for 3 wonderful years as your woman!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

100 Days of Dieting with a Dummie-Day 1

Sorry for the break in M.O.M. postings. I went on vacation and got out of the habit of writing, and then everything went crazy with the Holidays! But I AM BACK! and hopefully for good. It is actually quite therapeutic for me to write my thoughts and experiences out every day.
So...New Years Resolutions! Did anyone make any for this year!? My sister-in-law had a great idea and set some goals for her 2 year old and 6 month old children...which has made me think about what I would like my baby girl to achieve this year. I hope she will be walking by the end of the year (I don't mind if she waits a few more months for that though!) Also, I hope she will start to eat solid foods and not have milk allergies, which more than likely she will. And most definitely I am hoping she will be healthy and strong!
As for me and my Husband, we both set some weight loss goals...which I guess everyone does, but, we have hopes of actually making it work! We are doing a "Biggest Looser Competition" with my parents. We have until April 30th to reach our goals. It is somewhat difficult for me because I am planning on nursing until the end of February or I have to be careful. I was very bummed at my personal weigh in last Sunday morning when I realized that in the course of the week I had gained weight. Erk! So, this week I went to Sam's club, bought a couple tubs of Slim Fast Chocolate Royale meal drink, and a couple boxes of Slim Fast Snack bars. I also purchased some meal bars. So, the diet race has officially begun for Brian and I with Slim Fast by our side! (Watch out Mom and Dad!)

These are my Goals:
1-Loose 15 lbs by April 30th
2-Work out 5 times a week, at least-for 45 to 60 minutes.
3-Look good in my swim suit when I go on vacation with my Hubby and his family to Destin, Florida this Summer.
4-Be Happier and Healthier by the end of the year! (Can you imagine what 15lbs lighter would do for your daily health and well being? I am so excited to get ride of my 15 pound barbell belly!)

Rewards along the weight loss road:
My Husband will give me a beautiful bouquet of flowers for every 5 lbs I loose, saving the most beautiful and grandest bouquet for when I hit my 15 lbs of weight loss! (He doesn't now this yet, but he will tomorrow when he reads it!)

So this is how it is going to work, every night for the next 100 nightsI will post how the diet is going (hopefully, I might miss one or two posts). I will post how I did that day, any tips techniques or idea's I might have, and probably more often then not begging for anyone's input on how to loose weight, because at 27 years old, this is my very first, and hopefully only diet I ever go on! I will also do my usual morning post, so if your not interested in dieting hopefully you will find my other posts somewhat interesting!