The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook and Cooking through My Grief

Taking it one recipe at a time. 2013 will be mainly focused on "The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook," by Dinah Bucholz, and how doing what I love, cooking, being with my family and reading Harry Potter will help me process my grief associated with loosing my 3 week old daughter, Ruby, on November 18th, 2011.
Join me for a "culinary magical masterpiece" throughout 2013!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Can't sleep...and I haven't had a chance to post anything recently. Sorry to my readers for not being consistent. Do you ever have so many things on your mind that accomplishing them seems next to impossible? Maybe that's why i can't sleep...I need to re-prioritize things and accomplish tasks that are most important to accomplish. Anyway's back to the real issue which is that it is 11:55 p.m. Sunday night and I am not asleep, but my Husband has found a way to get into a peaceful slumber while I type away on the computer. Perhaps I need a bath with a few drops of lavender oil in it. They say that lavender oil helps promote sleep and calmness. And yes, I do have some lavender oil on hand, which is a strange thing to have handy I suppose.
I have also been very frustrated with my hair. I am trying to get my long locks back and it is growing at a snails pace...I read in a magazine yesterday that to get your hair to grow faster you should rub your scalp to 2 minutes every day, and put a equal mixture of witch Hasel and mouth wash on your hair. Comb it through and it is supposed to unclog any pores and help promote growth. Then of course wash it out. They also said that on another night warm 1 cup of Olive oil in your microwave, comb it through your hair and then wrap your hair in a towel and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then wash it out. That will help strengthen your hair. Perhaps they are just an old wives tale, but if you are trying to grow your hair out it could be worth a try to see is it works...
Anyway's, I guess these are all things that I would have posted throughout the week if I had taken the time too, so instead you get the thoughts of Amber in a very jumbled way at midnight Monday morning.